CoCo Early Access Program (EAP)

participate in the early access program to try out the CoCo Console

Participation / Registration

The CoCo EAP has simple instructions for developers & c/dApps to participate.

  1. Register here‚Äč

  2. You will hear from the CoCo team with details to access the CoCo dashboard

When is the last date to register and participate in the Early Access Program?

First batch of registrations for the Early Access Program will end on the 25th of April, 2020.

What is the incentive for participation?

Only developers with the need to access blockchain data in the short term or in the near future should participate in the CoCo EAP as the incentive is free API calls / account to any of the 3 chains that Cosmic Compass supports - Cosmos Network (mainnet), Sentinel Network (testnet) and LikeCoin (mainnet).

How many free API calls will I get?

Although there's a default bump from 1000 requests/day to 5000 requests/day. If you need more, do let us know by writing to [email protected]

Can I try out CoCo Console without participating in the EAP?

Most definitely, but your daily limit is likely to be 1000 calls only until we have subscription plans open for public.

Most definitely.

But accounts that are not part of the CoCo EAP will have a default limitation of 1000 calls/day. Join the Early Access Program by registering here and we will activate your account with a higher number of API calls (5000/day).

We will send you an email on the final number of API calls per day.

How many people will participate in the Early Access Program?

At the moment, we are looking at a maximum of 10 (& if demand is high 15) teams/developers to participate in the EAP.

We will have a limited number of organizations and accounts participating in the EAP as the program is to enable the team and users of the product assess UX & potential, respectively.

Interested in a collaboration or know more?

Do write to us on [email protected] or send a direct message on Twitter and we will be more than happy to talk to you and identify how CoCo can add value. You can follow the Cosmic Compass community on Twitter, Medium & Telegram.