Cosmic Compass (CoCo)

blockchain access, made easy

What is Cosmic Compass (CoCo)?

Cosmic Compass (or CoCo) is a network navigator for developers & account holders access data via APIs and Apps on supported blockchain networks.

CoCo makes it easy for developers to interact with a blockchain for read & write operations via Apps (with GUI) or via APIs (exposing data of full nodes running the chain).

How does CoCo provide easy access to blockchain data?

Currently supporting Cosmos Network, Sentinel Network and LikeCoin networks; Cosmic Compass provides the following for each stakeholder within the blockchain ecosystem.

  1. Apps for account holders & investors

  2. APIs infrastructure & dedicated node hosting (with shared & dedicated hosting) for developers to build c/dApps on blockchain networks

  3. Node Management Tools for monitoring nodes operated by block proposers a.k.a. validators & full node hosts PS : More about current status of development & roadmap, here‚Äč

Since most organizations involve in one or more of the above activities, it makes sense for CoCo to provide everything independently and later 'productize' the offering.

Along with the above products, CoCo offers support during custom implementations for public/self-sovereign/private chains to enable interaction with developers (at-scale).

And in short, this easy access is provided via the CoCo Console.

What is the CoCo Console?

CoCo Console (or CoCoCo, for short) is the single interface for developers to create Projects where keys reuqired for API access are generated. These keys provide access to supported blockchains - for read & write operations.

The CoCo Console enables developers manage projects, keep a track of total consumption (of API calls), configure subscription plan for the account & more. Each account enables a user to create and manage multiple Projects with independent settings for each project.

What are 'Projects' within the CoCo Console?

Projects are the objects that are created on the CoCo Console.

Each Project creates keys that are utilized by developers within applications that request from (or) post to blockchains supported by CoCo.

Apps in the CoCo Network

CoCo engages in app development (web/mobile - centralized/decentralized) to dogfood the infrastructure and software we provide to our users/developers. This helps the team assess and understand the potential as well as limitations blockchain networks as well as our infrastructure, that powers these apps.

The first working version of an app that utilizes the CoCo infrastructure is

Working on our own apps also enables us understand our own product from our user's standpoint and helps us be better at what we do.

Does CoCo power only blockchain apps?

No. CoCo can be utilized for the development of centralized & decentralized apps on both, web and mobile.

Is Cosmic Compass decentralized?

No. At least, not yet. CoCo's architecture is distributed, but doesn't operate with decentralized cosensus.

Current status & roadmap

Here's a snapshot of the current status:

  • The Network Navigator app (a GUI tool) for account holders & investors, has been developed and launched

  • API interface & CoCo Console for developers, the CoCo Console is currently under development

What's next?

  1. Node Management Tools for block proposers & full node hosts

  • Support for more networks to be added in Q2 & Q3, 2020

  • In the near short term, CoCo Console allows account holders to Sign Up & write data or trigger post transactions like send, delegate/bond tokens, un-bond/un-delegate tokens, etc.

CoCo Network - Phase v1 (in progress)

  • Apps - developed and launched, the graphical user interface (GUI) for account holders and investors to check on-chain transactions on the Cosmos Network, Sentinel Network & LikeCoin Network blockchains

  • CoCo Console - implement API-as-a-Service for supported networks and enable key management for developers

CoCo Network - Phase v2

  • Expose infrastructure being utilized by to other networks - partnerships and other details to be announced

  • Launch of Cosmic Compass Console to create & manage Projects with the ability read blockchain data

  • Update CoCo Console to support post data to supported blockchains

  • Update CoCo to support dedicated node hosting

  • Add support for 2 more networks

  • Assess activity of current networks to assess further support

  • R&D on an application abstraction layer

  • R&D on interoperablity protocols

CoCo Network - Phase v3

  • Add support for addl. networks in the Cosmos Network & other networks

  • Partner with developer communities for increased adoption

  • Add supoport for CoCo Console to post transactions on the chain

  • Add support for private networks, as required

  • Increased support for DeFi products

  • Portfolio Management (as-a-service & as a custom implementation) for funds

Interested in a collaboration or know more?

Do write to us on [email protected] or send a direct message on Twitter and we will be more than happy to talk to you and identify how CoCo can add value. You can follow the Cosmic Compass community on Twitter, Medium & Telegram.